In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. --John Muir

Muir Woods Trees

We think green. All the time.
Environmental sustainability is at the core of our business.

  1. Our "Easy as 1-2-3" trash program helps recycle and compost over 90% of our waste.
  2. We used salvaged and sustainable materials to build the cafe and store.
  3. Restaurant counter tops are recycled wine and beer bottles.
  4. The cafe floor is made from recycled cork and old tires.
  5. Our store floor is made from 70 year old redwood picnic tables.
  6. The store fixtures are made from wood from fallen barns, fences, piers, and old buildings.
  7. Only Low VOC paint and soy-based sealers were used throughout.
  8. Our cafe tables are made from salvaged fir trees and sealed with non-toxic coating.
  9. We pack for shipping with recycled and sustainable materials.
  10. Company vehicles are hybrids and natural gas operated and we use these vehicles to carpool in our staff saving fossil fuel emissions.
  11. Forks, knives, and spoons are made from potatoes and are compostable which reduces land fill waste.
  12. Compostable clear cups are made from corn.
  13. Not using lids or straws eliminates tons of trash each year.
  14. Food suppliers re-use their boxes several times or deliver in reusable containers.
  15. We use earth-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic.
  16. Our cafe operation is designed to use minimal water and put a minimal impact on the Woods.
  17. We don’t sell bottled water because of the energy and waste it takes to manufacture the bottles and the resulting trash in the parks.
  18. Our business cards, postcards, and shopping bags are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly soy-based inks.
  19. Our restrooms feature water-efficient systems saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year.
  20. We fully support local farmers and products putting more money in the local economies and reducing fossil fuel waste in transportation.
  21. Nearly 90% of our cafe food is organic eliminating harmful chemicals into local water sources and maintaining animal friendly habitats.
  22. Our meats and dairy come from humanely raised and treated animals and are grown without harmful antibiotics, steroids, or unnatural feed.